Monday, January 31, 2011

Girl's night at Murrieta's

It's been a while since all four of my girlfriends met up. Everyone has such busy schedules so it seems so difficult nowadays to even plan a dinner for an evening. With schedules permitting, we all decided to go to Murrieta's on a Monday evening (brilliant idea because Mondays are sometimes drab). I've never been to Murrieta's before (I did try to make reservations one night, but they got too busy so we went to Homefire instead). I've heard some good things about it but never actually tried it until tonight.

The atmosphere is quite sophisticated; high ceilings with pretty light fixtures and dim lighting. The far wall has stones all the way up to the ceiling. Table settings are typical of a fancy restaurant-white tablecloths with large wine glasses and place settings.

I scanned the menu and everything sounded very appealing to me; most of which was all seafood. Ever since my trip to PEI last summer, I crave seafood (not that I didn't before, but I just love it more!). I was going to try the Seafood curry, but one of my friends got it so I decided to get something else. For starters, I opted for the Westcoast Seafood Chowder with sweet potato, smoked bacon, arugula pesto. 

Westcoast Seafood Chowder

 For my main entree, I decided to get the Chicken & Chorizo Pappardelle with roasted tomato, zucchini, spinach, goat cheese, white wine butter sauce.
Chicken & chorizo pappardelle

To be honest, I wasn't really impressed with the Seafood Chowder because it was too starchy for my liking. I prefer seafood chowders with a tomato base-that way it doesn't get me full too fast and it isn't as rich. The entree, however was tasty. Although it was a bit too greasy for my liking (that's why I don't like eating out too often), the thick pasta noodles seemed homemade and the flavour was slightly unique. I tried my friend's seafood curry which was tasty, and one of my other girlfriend's homemade gnocchi which was delicious.

Overall, the dining experience at Murrieta's was a nice one because it sure livened up a somewhat drab Monday evening. If you ask me about the food-I might need to think twice about going because the food isn't cheap.

Verdict: slightly scrumptious

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