Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ready for some Brazilian Churrascaria?

Pampa Steakhouse is short walk from where I work and I was able to get a small snapshot, and a quick glimpse inside. Workers are still busy renovating and setting up.

The time has come for all you folks that love, have been craving or are curious about churrascaria. That's the term for Brazilian barbeque. Pampa Steakhouse is the first restaurant in Edmonton offering this type of dining called rodízio style dining in which servers come to your table with large skewers of meats such as pork, lamb, beef and different kinds of sausages. This restaurant was featured the last episode of Season 2 in David Adjey's The Opener. You can read more here. The anticipated opening date is February 15th but when I took a quick glimpse inside, there seemed to be quite a bit of work to be done...let see if they can make it happen!

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