Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chicken feet at dim sum + boyfriend = one time experience only.

For those of you who are familiar with the widely popular ritual of dim sum, there can be many scrumptious dishes, scrumptious dishes you don't know what exactly-they-are, and not-so-scrumptious dishes that do not look appealing at all.

I'll take my boyfriend's experience this past weekend for example. I've already taken him a few times for dim sum and he for the most part, enjoys the food served. Fresh pineapple buns, siu mai, dumplings, daikon cakes and beef tripe.  All except one dish I coerced him to try (with the help of my cousin, which says that it'll make his skin nicer...haha) :chicken feet! I told him the way it should be eaten, the skin and tendons. It sounded rather disturbing to him, but somehow he agreed to try it. "Yer supposed to suck on the bones and spit 'em out on yer plate. Nice, heh?" Well, it's true. That's how we Chinese folk eat 'em. But I certainly do not eat it on a regular basis as it's quite fattening.

After that, it was written on his face that he wouldn't do it again. But, hah! I got him to do it the first and last time.

So, that's it for this entry. Wasn't about me trying a new thing, but rather my boyfriend trying a new thing. But seeing his facial expression was totally a new experience for me!
Verdict: not-so-scrumptious for him

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