Saturday, August 28, 2010

Seafood, seafood, Water-Prince Corner Shop.

Charlottetown Waterfront, Prince Edward Island

During my time here in Charlottetown, we have driven by this corner shop a few times, peeking in the large windows as they were just gearing down for the night. Interesting place I thought, a corner shop? I wonder what they sell. I recall my boyfriend's mom mentioning that when Live with Regis and Kelly was filmed here, Kelly ate at a seafood joint and just raved about it (of course she'll rave about it-she's on live television).

Tonight was one of the last nights my boyfriend and I would spend in Charlottetown, because we were going to drive over to Nova Scotia for a wedding, and the following morning we'd be leavin' on a jet plane back to good ol' Edmonton. We ventured to two places before settling on a restaurant for dinner. Claddagh Oyster House was the first one we came across. Located in a historic building, this is one of the pricier restaurants. All I wanted for supper was some fish 'n' chips and some famous Malpeque oysters. This restaurant was too pricey, so we walked across the street. The Gahan House and Oyster Bar, located in a historic building, is known for their brown bag fish and chips, as well as their in-house brewed ale. I really wanted to eat here, but the waitress told us it will be a  45 minute wait. No way are we going to wait for 45 minutes.

We then walked back to the direction of our car, heading towards the wharf. My boyfriend then mentioned we should check out the place Kelly dined at while she was here to film Regis and Kelly. Given that the next day was Saucer and Cup day, a provincial holiday on the Island, there would probably be a line up at this restaurant as well. We arrived at the corner and saw several people waiting outside. Turns out they were just waiting on the corner. Thank goodness! Perhaps we can finally have a bite to eat? Sure enough, the waitress seated us outside on the side of the street, our table equipped with plastic patio furniture and an umbrella!

Mmmm seafood platter.
I knew exactly what I wanted. I had already tried all the fresh seafood I've been wanting to here, all but fresh Malpeque oysters. So my boyfriend and I shared that, as well as the seafood platter. It consisted of: 1/2 a lobster, P.E.I blue mussels, fried scallops, and fresh cut french fries. Oooh boy this should be good. Surprisingly, the Malpeque oysters did not have that much flavour other than sweet; perhaps they were too small. I drizzled it with a bit of cocktail sauce and squeezed fresh lemon juice. Delish. Next up came our platter. I had the lobster because my boyfriend detests lobster. Dipped it in vinegar. Oooh boy. Yum. The fried scallops were pretty good. Crispy, light batter, dipped in cocktail sauce. The mussels were sweet and fresh as usual. The fries sure tasted like they were freshly cut and fried.

Seafood isn't exactly filling, so that left room in our stomachs for dessert. "Strawberry shortcake!" I say. The strawberry shortcake here is a lot different than the kind out here. It's so much better than the ones out here. They are homemade and they actually use fresh strawberries. The "cake" part is actually bannock (native Indians make this, it's like a scone), cut in half and filled with strawberries and topped with more strawberries and topped with whipped cream. Typically, strawberry syrup is drizzled over it, but this version there wasn't leaving the bannock a bit too dry to swallow. Other than that, we inhaled it in 3 minutes.

Overall, this restaurant was pretty good. Cute location. There isn't really a secret to seafood, as long as it fresh. Although, they charge a decent price for bulk lobster and mussels; I brought some home for my family. $1.69/lb of mussels and $8.99/lb cooked lobster.$12 for packing to bring it on the plane.
Verdict: scrumptious!

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