Thursday, August 5, 2010

Duchess Bake Shop lives up to it's grandiose name

The name "Duchess Bakeshop" has managed to keep it's name quite familiar amongst local folks in Edmonton these days. Like everything else in the food world, I want to try!

I ventured there by myself on a Saturday afternoon. It's nestled on 124th Street, which at one point was not a vibrant part of the city but now popping up with eclectic stores. When I arrived at my destination, there was a small line-up already forming inside. The bakery itself is simply decorated inside: white roman columns with their "Duchess" namesake behind the counter, small coffee tables on the side, and glass windows that uncover their delicious baked treasures.

They are known for their delectable macarons. It is not to be confused for "macaroons" whose main ingredient is coconut. They are bright in colour and the flavours vary on a daily basis. On the day I went, I chose 6 flavours: pistachio, passion fruit, lavender, coconut, creme brulee, and rose. Man, where they tasty! I could eat about 20 of them (they are very petite).I also purchased their meringues (egg white cookie), almond and coconut flavour. Those were tasty and baked to perfection. I also snatched up a chocolate brioche, which is small bread pastry filled with a chocolate ganache filling. Also delectable!

I totally recommend this place to anyone who has an appreciation for French gourmet baked goodies. Most is reasonable priced, but I sure don't mind to fork out money out when I know these owners have poured their heart, soul and time (bakers get up wayyyy too early!) into their baked treasures.

Verdict: scrump-didly-uptious.

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