Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cha Island Tea Co.-a tropical oasis near Whyte Ave.

Like many other Sonic Glee Club Members, I regularly chose my Sonic word every wednesday to accumulate sonicpoints. With those points you can redeem many great items such a CD's before the actual release date, signed posters and movie passes. This time, I chose to get a Cha Island Tea Co. certificate for 5 free iced teas. Mmmm.

Ma and I decided to go after work as i haven't redeemed any of my teas yet, and it expires the end of this month. It's nestled between the Rehab club and the comic store, on 81 Avenue and 103rd Street. What a cute little place! With palm trees virtually everywhere you look, it's definitely a tropical oasis they describe it to be on their website.

I ordered the iced chai tea and my mom got the iced green tea with honey. Mine was pretty good; didn't really expect the hints of chocolate until he asked me what I thought. We also ordered the Sandy Beach Waffle. It consisted of a large Belgian waffle with blueberries, green tea and coconut ice cream with whipped cream doloped in the centre. Mmmmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Tasty! Ma and I enjoyed it much.

Conversing with the owner, he gave us a drink that consisted of cinnamon, Alberta honey and water. Ta da! Those three simple ingredients mixed together tasted do earn good chilled, it wasn't funny. I had to buy a bottle for my boyfriend and family to try (i attempted to make this myself that night, but put just a tad bit too much of cinnamon).

For all of you who have an appreciation for tea, both chilled and hot (they have loose tea leaves for sale on their green shelves), come here and give it a try.
Verdict: scrumptious

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