Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lobster dinner in a church basement. Yes, I did say church. And basement.

New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island

This is probably going to be one of the most memorable suppers I've ever had while on vacation, especially in the Maritimes. My first ever visit to the Maritimes and my first ever dinner in a church basement. It's totally not what you think it is. The food, service and setting make this traditional lobster dinner a must since it's humble beginnings in 1964.

After a long day spent at the Anne of Green Gables historic museum, we topped off the day with a traditional lobster dinner. It was me, my boyfriend and his parents. Although this isn't my very first lobster experience, it's my first eating-in-a-church setting. The church is sort of in the middle of nowhere; nestled between scenic rolling hills, it's no wonder P.E.I is known for it's beauty.
You can't leave P.E.I without having this memorable meal.

All entree's are served as a five course meal. And there was quite a bit to choose from, like surf 'n' turf, island beef, shrimp, and of course, lobster. I knew what I wanted; the 1 lb lobster. Why wouldn't I? That's what I was here for! Here's the breakdown of my 5 course dinner:
  • Seafood chowder
  • Caesar salad
  • Fresh PEI blue mussels
  • 1lb lobster; cracked with side potatoe and roasted veggies
  • lemon meringue pie.
All that for $31.99. What a bargain. I think it came with a beverage too, but I didn't take notice until after we were finished.

The seafood was fresh and just perfect the way it was served, without seasoning. Although I've now learned that vinegar makes a great accompaniment to lobster (give it a try sometime). It enhances the aste in a way and compliments it in a savoury way.

I am totally in love with P.E.I. Not only are the surroundings beautiful, but the food is truly phenomenal because they have abundant farmland, surrounded my ocean waters filled with tasty seafood treasures.

Verdict: sooooooo scrumpidly-uptious!

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