Saturday, August 28, 2010

Teriyaki Corner on Ellerslie & 91st

Mom and I were cruisin' down Ellerslie and 91st one day and decided to check out the Summerside corner of Ellerslie. Good Earth Coffeehouse had opened, so we decided to see what else was open. Sure enough, more restaurants were down the stip mall, there was a Vietnamese Pho Noodle Place, but it wasn't opened yet. There was also a place serving East Indian Cuisine, but also wasn't opened yet. The last one on the block: Teriyaki Corner. Teriyaki Corner? I think I've been in one before, but did not get a chance to eat because they were closing for the night. It was located in the west end, near Lewis Estates.

My mom and I were getting hungry as we were doing our "wondering shopping" after work. We decide to go inside. Hmmm. Interesting. There are two seats (one when you first enter, the other in the dining room) that are held up by thick ropes to mimic swings.
The cashier greets us (who is also the co-owner). I look at the menu. "Whhooooa" i thought to myself, there's a lot on the menu! The cashier/owner was very nice; he gave us a pamphlet menu to look at and asked us what we would like to try. There's a variety of rice bowls, maki, sashimi, udon and even bubble tea on the menu. You can also choose if you want a mini size of it, or the full size, which I think is quite cute. After looking at the menu with wandering eyes for 5 minutes, my mom and I settle on the "mini" pork cutlet bowl, and the dragon eyes roll. The dragon eyes roll is a play on Mikado's famous Dragon roll. It contains a spicy cooked tuna roll, wrapped around one more layer of rice and seaweed. The outside is then coated in a thin tempura batter. But that isn't the star of the show. The star is definitely the creamy spicy sauce. Man, have they got it bang on! For those of you who've tried this Dragon roll and it's sauce at Mikado...they've got it. The secret is out!

As for the mini pork cutlet rice bowl, it wasn't too bad. I didn't expect the cutlet to be fried; there were marinated cold bean sprouts and edamame beans, topped with their Teriyaki sauce. It was pretty good, but nothing I haven't tasted.

This cute little fast-food sushi joint is definitely worthwhile to try. Tokyo Express has been around for a while and to be quite frank, ain't that great. Teriyaki Corner's choice for quality of food is better than TE. Loyal fans of TE, move over and make room for Teriyaki Corner. Hiiiiiiiii yyyyyahhhh.
Verdict: scrumptious!

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