Thursday, August 5, 2010

My first visit to Prairie Mills Bread Co.

I was browsing the Edmonton Journal's bistro section where a blog was featured, along with links to finding local food in Edmonton. I found myself on the website "Live Local", which is a site that features local (Edmonton) businesses, restaurants and "Eat Local First" which is a site that allows you to buy featured local foods online. It was here that I discovered Prairie Mills Bread Co.

My mom and I love bread. I told her about this place when we were driving home from work and decided to give it a try since it's a reasonable distance to home.
By the time we arrived, most of the bread and goods were almost all sold-out, but we there was still quite a variety of loaves. The girl at the counter offered us a sample; after that sample, my mom was immediately taken. And so was I, of course. The weight of each loaf of bread is quite heavy and firm. By that, you know the bread is full of wheat, honey and goodness and not just whipped with air. We bought the sunflower flax loaf and I decided to try the cinnamon bun. The bread was scrumptious but the cinnamon bun, not so much.

I recommend this place if you love bread. The price of each loaf is a bit pricey (~$5.75), but it is full of freshly milled organic wheat, goodness and quality. (P.S. try the sourdough). Verdict: scrumptious.

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